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One of the old legends preserved to this day talks about creation of the Adriatic Sea. It was a long time ago, in prehistoric time, when mother Bura and father Jug lived in the land of Illyria. They had two children: a son named Velebit and a daughter Adria......

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Flower festival

The tradition started in the late 1998 when Sv. Filip i Jakov won the title for the best ordered place of the Zadar County, continued also at other county competitions....

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This is a traditional Dalmatian dessert which pleasant scents remind us of holidays. Mix some flour and yeast, add some tepid water and a teaspoon of sugar. Prepare creamy mixture and leave it in a warm place to rise. ...

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Church of St. Michael

The church was named after two apostles of Jesus, Philip and James. The original church bore their names, but was devastated by the Venetians in the 12th century. Petar Zadranin, the abbot of Rogovsko, built a new church in its place in 1370s ...

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