Church of St. Michael

The church was named after two apostles of Jesus, Philip and James. The original church bore their names, but was devastated by the Venetians in the 12th century. Petar Zadranin, the abbot of Rogovsko, built a new church in its place in 1370s and devoted it to apostles Philip and James, and to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The church was devastated in the 16th century during the Ottoman incursions into this area.

A Latin script is visible inside the church, on a stone plate in the shrine, saying that Abbot Petar Zadranin restored the churches in Rogovo and in Sv. Filip i Jakov in 1347. The church was later on called the church of St. Michael, the Archangel (Crkva Sv. Mihovila Arkanđela) and the present church was built in 1707, after the Ottoman danger ceased.

UInside the church, at the entrance, there is a text written in Glagolitic script by Don Nikola Kužinović, who restored the church after the Ottoman danger ceased. The altar which replaced the baroque altar was installed in 1892. It consists of four marble columns, where the altarpiece is placed. The altarpiece was made by Countess Silvija Borelli, and it presents Virgin Mary with a child in her arms, St. Michael and Apostles St. Philip and St. James.

There are also side altars in the church: St. Anthony (Sv. Ante) with a statue, St. Joseph (Sv. Josip) with a statue, a gift by Seka Pelicarić dating back to 1937, and altar of Our Lady of Lourdes (Gospa Lurdska) with a statue from the end of the 19th century. Walls are adorned by oil paintings on canvas depicting Our Lady of Rosary (Gospa od Ružarija) and St. Nikola Tavelić.

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